Our Hillcrest Medical Center NICU nursing team dressed up these tiny turkeys for the Thanksgiving holiday! These photoshoots are a team effort. The NICU staff starts planning these months in advance and spends about 10 to 15 minutes with each baby during their photo shoot. Our nurses work to get the babies dressed, posed and photographed.  

Every tutu in these photos is hand made by our NICU nurses. Parents also received a card that features a handprint of the baby. Handprints are more difficult to get from babies than footprints, but our NICU nursing staff still made sure to get a... Read More »

When Valerie Kemp’s severe headaches returned after three years, she knew exactly where she needed to go for help: somewhere she felt heard and seen.

In 2019, just two months after she moved to Tulsa, Kemp spent weeks in and out of emergency rooms, trying to find someone who could treat a tremendous headache.

“I kind of felt ignored,” said Kemp. “I knew something was wrong. They just sent me home.”

When she arrived at Hillcrest Medical Center, the emergency room doctor listened to Kemp about her headache and ordered several tests. Kemp was admitted. A few days later,... Read More »

Sepsis is a super infection that overpowers the entire body and can lead to damage to the body’s organs, amputations and death. Early recognition and detection is key. When it comes to sepsis, it’s important to remember T.I.M.E. and watch for signs of:

• Temperature - Higher or lower than normal. This may be accompanied with shivering.

• Infection - Any signs/symptoms of an infection, wounds with redness or swelling, painful and/or frequent urination, regular coughing or chest pain.

• Mental decline - Disoriented, tired, discombobulated.

• Extremely ill - high... Read More »

Corrina Jackson was already familiar with the Kaiser Rehabilitation Center at Hillcrest prior to being admitted as a patient in June 2022.

A lifetime Tulsa resident, Jackson was born at Hillcrest Medical Center and had a professional relationship with the building’s namesake, having worked with the George Kaiser Family Foundation in his philanthropic endeavors.

“I’ve been honored and blessed to work with that foundation,” Jackson said. “I have a lot of respect for Mr. Kaiser and all he has done for people.”

However, Jackson admittedly felt less than optimistic upon her... Read More »

Often, moms have questions or concerns about breastfeeding so Rebecca Onyirioha, RN, IBCLC, lactation consultant at Hillcrest Medical Center, shares advice for common breastfeeding questions.

• Why should I breastfeed?

Breastfeeding or providing your baby with breast milk helps defend your baby against infections. It helps prevent allergies, sickness and, even, obesity. Breastfeeding your baby decreases your child's risks to a number of chronic diseases like certain cancers, diabetes and hypertension. 

• How long should I breastfeed my baby?

The American Academy... Read More »

Bobbie Ketcher had dealt with a swollen tongue, brought on by an allergic reaction, for a while. However, following an inclination and the help of the Oklahoma Stroke & Neurological Institute (OSNI) at Hillcrest staff, the Stillwell, Oklahoma, resident avoided a possible life-threatening situation after one episode.

On July 27, 2021, Ketcher was in bed when she awoke a few hours later. She soon realized her tongue was swelling again, a sensation she had felt many times over the past 18 months while being diagnosed with Alpha-gal syndrome (AGS). The condition is caused from a... Read More »

Diagnosed with Type 1 brittle diabetes at a young age, Jennifer Pauley’s health history has been anything but smooth. But she is forever thankful for the Advanced Wound Center at Hillcrest Medical Center (HMC).

“I owe those people my life,” Pauley said. “I do.”

In 2010, Pauley nearly lost her left foot after falling into a powerline due to the polygenic disease. Her foot remained intact, but that accident began a series of issues with the appendage. 

In September 2021, Pauley traveled to Disney World for a family vacation that included her grandchildren. However, she... Read More »

Hillcrest Medical Center (HMC) is proud to serve Tulsa and surrounding communities. We know you have put your health in our hands, and we do not take that responsibility lightly. 

We are always working to improve the care we provide so that our patients feel safe in our facility. Reducing falls in the hospital continues to be a focused effort at HMC. Patients could experience a fall in the hospital for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, weakness after surgery or the sudden urge to use the restroom.

Since 2019, HMC has taken steps to reduce falls. In 2020,... Read More »