April 2022

Bri Hadley making remarkable recovery after being diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome while pregnant

Bri Hadley had a tough time keeping food down the early stages of her pregnancy in 2021. She lost 75 pounds during her gestation period. When Hadley started experiencing numbness in her legs, she believed her symptoms were the result of malnutrition.

Hadley immediately received artificial nutrition through a round of IV supplements. But her condition worsened. By the next morning, Hadley could not walk. She was then put on bed rest, again told lack of nutrition was the culprit.

Hillcrest Medical Center 2021 Community Benefit Report

We’re proud to share the Hillcrest Medical Center 2021 Community Benefit Report. Along with hospital statistics, this report reflects Hillcrest Medical Center’s impact on the community through unfunded care, discounts to uninsured patients and support to local vendors. It’s an honor to provide unsurpassed care and support to our community every day. Click here for full report.