September 2022

When dealing with sepsis, it's a matter of T.I.M.E.

Sepsis is a super infection that overpowers the entire body and can lead to damage to the body’s organs, amputations and death. Early recognition and detection is key. When it comes to sepsis, it’s important to remember T.I.M.E. and watch for signs of:

Temperature - Higher or lower than normal. This may be accompanied with shivering.

Infection - Any signs/symptoms of an infection, wounds with redness or swelling, painful and/or frequent urination, regular coughing or chest pain.

Already familiar with the building's namesake, Corrina impressed by Kaiser Rehabilitation Center

Corrina Jackson was already familiar with the Kaiser Rehabilitation Center at Hillcrest prior to being admitted as a patient in June 2022.

A lifetime Tulsa resident, Jackson was born at Hillcrest Medical Center and had a professional relationship with the building’s namesake, having worked with the George Kaiser Family Foundation in his philanthropic endeavors.

“I’ve been honored and blessed to work with that foundation,” Jackson said. “I have a lot of respect for Mr. Kaiser and all he has done for people.”