June 2022

Advanced Wound Center helped save Jennifer's foot ... and her life

Diagnosed with Type 1 brittle diabetes at a young age, Jennifer Pauley’s health history has been anything but smooth. But she is forever thankful for the Advanced Wound Center at Hillcrest Medical Center (HMC).

“I owe those people my life,” Pauley said. “I do.”

In 2010, Pauley nearly lost her left foot after falling into a powerline due to the polygenic disease. Her foot remained intact, but that accident began a series of issues with the appendage. 

Hillcrest Medical Center: Commitment to Safety

Hillcrest Medical Center (HMC) is proud to serve Tulsa and surrounding communities. We know you have put your health in our hands, and we do not take that responsibility lightly. 

We are always working to improve the care we provide so that our patients feel safe in our facility. Reducing falls in the hospital continues to be a focused effort at HMC. Patients could experience a fall in the hospital for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, weakness after surgery or the sudden urge to use the restroom.