November 2017

Veterans Day Spotlight with Don Morris

Due to a rich family history in military service and health care, our very own Don Morris followed in the footsteps of those before him while creating his own path. He is a proud veteran of the United States Army and currently serves as vice president of human resources of Hillcrest HealthCare System. In honor of Veterans Day, we sat down with Don to learn more about his military experiences and how they have impacted the work he does today.

Nighttime Driving Safety

As the amount of daily daylight we have grows shorter, driving in the dark becomes more common, creating safety concerns. The National Safety Council (NSC) states that depth perception, color recognition and peripheral vision can all be compromised in the dark. Also, the glare of headlights from an oncoming vehicle can temporarily blind a driver.

Limited visibility when driving in the dark creates less time to avoid and react to hazards on the road. This is especially dangerous when driving at higher speeds.