March 2016

Gaining Perspective as a Social Worker at Hillcrest

When you work in health care, you always have patients you will never forget. For Hope Robertson, MSW, a social worker in case management on the oncology floor at Hillcrest Medical Center, it was a patient who said, “Here she comes again, Little Miss Sunshine.” Exasperated by her diagnosis and hospitalization, the patient was understandably frustrated. Each day, Hope would visit her to see if there was anything she needed. Adapting as Hope does with each patient to meet their needs emotionally, as well as logistically, a connection developed.

When a stroke is a stroke mimic?

If you are familiar with the signs of a stroke – one side of the face drooping, weakness in the arms and difficulty speaking – then you know it is important to seek immediate medical attention. When patients arrive at emergency departments exhibiting these symptoms, patients, family and emergency medical personnel think of stroke first and begin treatment as quickly as possible. Time is brain when a stroke strikes.