November 2016

What a Thank You Note Says about the Patient Experience

The interactions with those you meet during life-changing events have the power to shape your entire perspective. You remember the tone of their voice, their words and their actions. You remember how they made you feel. In health care, every encounter with every patient matters. It is not only how we deliver medical care, but how we truly care for people – our patients – like Larry Hester.

Diabetes Education Classes Offer Help to Unexpected Diabetes Patient

When Asnul Bahar decided last year he should have a primary care physician, he never would imagine the diagnosis he would be given after an annual checkup. “I did not have a doctor and did not go for checkups, but decided I needed to last November,” says Asnul. “I went to Utica Park Clinic physician, Dr. Michael Gebetsberger, for a checkup and had several tests done.” A month later, Asnul heard back from Dr. Gebetsberger regarding his lab results.

Hillcrest Leadership Series – an interview with Chief Jesse Millan

There is a difference between a response and a reaction. It is as clear of a distinction between Hillcrest Medical Center Safety and Security Director and Chief Security Officer Jesse Millan and fictional character Barney Phife, the deputy sheriff in the Andy Griffith Show whose framed photograph hangs on the wall of Jesse’s office. “It is a daily reminder of what not to be,” says Jesse of the alarmist, emotional and often inept law enforcement image Barney portrays.