June 2019

Focused on Zero

In order to achieve the highest level of quality and patient safety, Hillcrest Medical Center remains focused on pursuing the latest best practices and most advanced technologies in the health care industry. Hillcrest Medical Center’s Patient Safety Officer, Debra Allen, remains actively engaged in researching and implementing quality improvement initiatives focused on measuring and improving patient outcomes.

Meet Hillcrest Medical Center’s New CEO, Xavier Villarreal

From Volunteer to CEO

Xavier Villarreal’s interest in health care began during a summer break in college when he had the opportunity to volunteer at a hospital. There, he was allowed to see every department that contributes to patient care.

That’s when Villarreal “fell in love” with working in a hospital, leading him to pursue a degree in health care administration before eventually becoming chief executive officer of Hillcrest Medical Center in April 2019.

His ties with Hillcrest Medical Center began long before being named CEO.