July 2022

8 breastfeeding tips every mother should know

Often, moms have questions or concerns about breastfeeding so Rebecca Onyirioha, RN, IBCLC, lactation consultant at Hillcrest Medical Center, shares advice for common breastfeeding questions.

• Why should I breastfeed?

Breastfeeding or providing your baby with breast milk helps defend your baby against infections. It helps prevent allergies, sickness and, even, obesity. Breastfeeding your baby decreases your child's risks to a number of chronic diseases like certain cancers, diabetes and hypertension. 

What to do if ... you have heat stroke

July and August typically include some of the hottest temperatures of the year. Jeffrey Johnson, M.D., emergency medicine specialist at Hillcrest, offers tips if you or someone you know experiences heat stroke.

What do you need to know about heat stroke?

Most often, heat stroke happens in people who exercise in hot weather without drinking enough water.

• Heat stroke can affect older adults and those with chronic health problems if they are in hot conditions, even without exercise.