Often, moms have questions or concerns about breastfeeding so Rebecca Onyirioha, RN, IBCLC, lactation consultant at Hillcrest Medical Center, shares advice for common breastfeeding questions.

• Why should I breastfeed?

Breastfeeding or providing your baby with breast milk helps defend your baby against infections. It helps prevent allergies, sickness and, even, obesity. Breastfeeding your baby decreases your child's risks to a number of chronic diseases like certain cancers, diabetes and hypertension. 

• How long should I breastfeed my baby?

The American Academy... Read More »

Bobbie Ketcher had dealt with a swollen tongue, brought on by an allergic reaction, for a while. However, following an inclination and the help of the Oklahoma Stroke & Neurological Institute (OSNI) at Hillcrest staff, the Stillwell, Oklahoma, resident avoided a possible life-threatening situation after one episode.

On July 27, 2021, Ketcher was in bed when she awoke a few hours later. She soon realized her tongue was swelling again, a sensation she had felt many times over the past 18 months while being diagnosed with Alpha-gal syndrome (AGS). The condition is caused from a... Read More »

July and August typically include some of the hottest temperatures of the year. Jeffrey Johnson, M.D., emergency medicine specialist at Hillcrest, offers tips if you or someone you know experiences heat stroke.

What do you need to know about heat stroke?

Most often, heat stroke happens in people who exercise in hot weather without drinking enough water.

• Heat stroke can affect older adults and those with chronic health problems if they are in hot conditions, even without exercise.

• People in hot conditions can get heat cramps and heat exhaustion, which are not... Read More »

Diagnosed with Type 1 brittle diabetes at a young age, Jennifer Pauley’s health history has been anything but smooth. But she is forever thankful for the Advanced Wound Center at Hillcrest Medical Center (HMC).

“I owe those people my life,” Pauley said. “I do.”

In 2010, Pauley nearly lost her left foot after falling into a powerline due to the polygenic disease. Her foot remained intact, but that accident began a series of issues with the appendage. 

In September 2021, Pauley traveled to Disney World for a family vacation that included her grandchildren. However, she... Read More »

Hillcrest Medical Center (HMC) is proud to serve Tulsa and surrounding communities. We know you have put your health in our hands, and we do not take that responsibility lightly. 

We are always working to improve the care we provide so that our patients feel safe in our facility. Reducing falls in the hospital continues to be a focused effort at HMC. Patients could experience a fall in the hospital for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, weakness after surgery or the sudden urge to use the restroom.

Since 2019, HMC has taken steps to reduce falls. In 2020,... Read More »

Providing an opportunity for staff to take a break, a moment of tranquility, amidst their daily routines is an important initiative of Hillcrest Medical Center leadership.

Evelyn Radichel, women’s and children’s director of nursing, and her colleagues decided to add a quartet of relaxation rooms placed throughout the hospital. 

“The relaxation rooms at Hillcrest Medical Center are designed to meet the needs of the staff for a quick respite from the day-to-day business of the units,” said Radichel. “We have four rooms located throughout the facility strategically for the staff... Read More »

Carla Yost, BSN, MHA, FACHE, CPHQ, was appointed chief nursing officer (CNO) of Hillcrest Medical Center (HMC) in February. It has not taken the Kansas native long to feel right at home.

“When I got here, it was the people,” Yost said when describing the appeal of HMC. “There was a real respect that was shown. Many people told me, ‘Welcome to Tulsa’ or ‘Welcome to Hillcrest.’ It’s the kindness and respect people show that has reiterated that yes, I made a good decision to be here.”

Yost brings 23 years of leadership in nursing, operations and quality to her position.... Read More »

Hillcrest Medical Center (HMC) has once again been recognized by the nation’s most prestigious honor for patient safety with an “A” spring 2022 Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade. The grade acknowledges HMC’s full commitment to providing the safest care to patients and protecting them from harm, solidifying the hospital as a strong leader in the Tulsa community.

“It is an honor to receive an A letter grade for the second time in a row,” said HMC CEO Xavier Villarreal. “Every employee at Hillcrest Medical Center continues to work hard to ensure that our patients are safe and receiving... Read More »