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In health care we are either treating disease or trying to prevent it. Are we doing enough of the latter when it comes to stroke? “No,” declares Medical Director of the Oklahoma Stroke & Neurological Institute  at Hillcrest Medical Center and interventional neurologist Dr. Andre Fredieu. “Nearly 80 percent of strokes can be prevented by educating the public about the signs and risks of stroke, emphasizing the importance of regular visits with their doctor, being compliant with their medication and eating a well-balanced diet. As we get older, we become more complacent about this and... Read More »

Did you know that donating blood one time has the potential to save as many as three lives? Did you also know that every two seconds someone in the United States needs blood? Donated blood is essential to keep many people alive, but unfortunately The American Red Cross has received fewer donations than needed to meet demand over the holiday season and winter months. As a result, our region has reached a critical need for blood and platelet donors with an emphasis on types O, AB, B negative and A negative.

Although 38 percent of the American population is able to donate blood, only... Read More »