When the coronavirus began spreading, hospitals across the country assembled designated COVID-19 teams and units to care for patients. Caregivers with diverse medical backgrounds were brought together for one common purpose: to provide care, comfort and support. At Hillcrest Medical Center in Tulsa, Kristin Canady, RN, has been one such nurse joining the front lines of defense in this lingering pandemic.


“In the beginning, it was pretty difficult,” said Canady. “People who were... Read More »

Since the age of 4, Frances Giessen, RN, had her sights set on working in health care. In college, she started taking pre-med courses but redirected her interests toward nursing when she realized the main thing she wanted to do was simply help people. Now, a year and a half into her nursing career in Tulsa, Giessen has risen to new heights in helping others by being a part of Hillcrest Medical Center's COVID-19 unit.

"In March, we quickly realized that COVID-19 had arrived in Oklahoma, so our director of nursing asked for five volunteers who would live at the hospital full-time to... Read More »

In June 2013, Christi M. was looking forward to spending the day outside with a friend. While applying sunscreen, her lighthearted attitude instantly changed. She felt a small lump on her breast. After confiding in her friend, she immediately contacted her Utica Park Clinic OB/Gyn to learn that, unfortunately, the doctor was out of the office that week. With no desire to wait for any length of time, Christi made an appointment with Sreelatha Krishna, M.D., a Utica Park Clinic internal medicine physician. “She let me cry in her exam room with her for a good five... Read More »

When participating in her walking exercise routine in early 2008, Marilyn Roby noticed an increasing pain at the top of her left thigh. Chalking it up to a pulled muscle, she continued her routine with then boyfriend and now husband Robert.

“I did ice and heat like you are supposed to, but it just didn’t get well,” Roby said. “I went to the doctor and got some medication and continued to try to ice it. Two weeks later, it still hadn’t improved.”

After a few return trips to her primary care... Read More »

Jodi Simmons, RN, BSN, MHA and chief nursing officer (CNO) of Hillcrest Medical Center, Tulsa, OK

The COVID-19 virus hit Oklahoma fast. Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) Jodi Simmons had planned a spring break trip, but had a bad feeling about the virus and decided not to leave town. Two days later, Hillcrest Medical Center was in full incident command mode and Jodi has been working in the Incident Command Center every day for nine weeks and counting.

The best leadership advice Jodi offers is to have... Read More »

For the protection and safety of patients, visitors and our staff, we continue to restrict visitation and take every measure to reduce the spread of COVID-19. However, we understand how important it is to stay connected to loved ones and friends, whether they are in the hospital or at home. We encourage you to call, text and connect via video to purposefully connect while helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Here are some ways to stay connected.


Make video and audio calls over Wi-Fi or cellular supported iOS or... Read More »

A slight heart attack took Louis Jackson by surprise in April 2019.

“It was a surprise for me and forever life changing,” said Jackson, who was 59 years old at the time. Jackson was home when he began to experience intense chest pain.

“The pain would come and go, but at one point it just stayed with me,” Jackson said.

Jackson was taken to the emergency room at Hillcrest Medical Center, where he found out he suffered from a slight heart attack and had a blockage... Read More »

Debbie Holland was nearing 30 years as a deputy clerk to a Federal Judge when she had a cardiac episode. She had symptoms of a heart attack, but results showed she had no blockages or clots. As it turns out, Holland had suffered from “Broken Heart Syndrome.”

Broken Heart Syndrome or takotsubo cardiomyopathy is when adrenaline rushes into a person’s system, causing the heart to have difficulty pumping blood. This event can be triggered by physical extremes such as dehydration or high body temperature, but it can also be caused by... Read More »