‘Everything is better now:’ Tulsa man pleased with Hillcrest cardiac rehabilitation program

A slight heart attack took Louis Jackson by surprise in April 2019.

“It was a surprise for me and forever life changing,” said Jackson, who was 59 years old at the time. Jackson was home when he began to experience intense chest pain.

“The pain would come and go, but at one point it just stayed with me,” Jackson said.

Jackson was taken to the emergency room at Hillcrest Medical Center, where he found out he suffered from a slight heart attack and had a blockage.

“I was taken to Oklahoma Heart Institute and they put a stent in,” Jackson said.

In June, just three weeks after having the stent placed, Jackson was enrolled in Hillcrest Medical Center’s cardiac rehabilitation program. In three months, Jackson graduated from the program and his life was forever changed.

“I wasn’t expecting to have such a good experience,” Jackson said. “The program did a lot for me. They have a lot of compassion for their patients and give you so much encouragement to want to live a healthier lifestyle. They were so good.”

Hillcrest’s comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation program aims to equip patients with the information and education to help them live a long and healthy life.

Jackson worked with nutritionists, counselors and underwent a series of classes that taught him about nutrition, stents, medications and more.

After completing the program, Jackson immediately started his membership at the Hillcrest fitness center, and has been going ever since.

“I see the people who helped get me on a better lifestyle every time I go to the gym. It’s great.”

Almost a year after his heart attack, Jackson is feeling incredible, all thanks to Hillcrest cardiac rehabilitation program.

“Everything is better now,” Jackson said. “I’m healthier and I feel a lot better. I’d recommend the program 100 percent.”

For more information on the Hillcrest cardiac rehab program, click here.