Spring into fitness!

Spring is upon us! As families plan out their summer vacations, the urge to join a gym and lose a few pounds or tone up increases. Knowing what to do and what not to do you in the gym will be a very important part of your success. Below are a few common myths you need to avoid so you can reach your health goals faster! 

Myth: If you want to lose weight, avoid strength training because it will bulk you up.

Fact: The truth is is that strength training helps maintain muscle mass and decrease body fat. By incorporating strength training into your workout, results will be noticeably faster.

Myth: To lose belly fat you need to do abdominal work, like sit-ups and crunches.

Fact: While a strong core will help you maintain your posture and aid in protecting your back from injury, abdominal exercises do almost nothing for reducing your abdominal fat. A combination of cardiovascular exercises, strength training and proper nutrition will help you eliminate that unwanted belly fat.

Myth: If you aren’t sweating you aren’t working hard enough.

Fact: Sweating is not an indicator of effort. It is possible to burn a significant amount of calories without breaking a sweat. Some people sweat a lot and some do not. However, you still want to make sure that you are putting forth the appropriate amount of effort and elevating your heart rate.

Myth: No pain – no gain.

Fact: While being a little sore is okay, you don’t want to be so sore you can hardly move. Start slow and work your way up to higher intensity workouts, heavier weights etc. And don’t forget to stretch! Stretching can help prevent and relieve some of that soreness.

Chad Stanton

Oklahoma Heart Institute

Hillcrest Exercise and Lifestyle Programs

Exercise Specialist – B.S