Hillcrest Medical Center NICU babies dressed up for Thanksgiving holiday

Our Hillcrest Medical Center NICU nursing team dressed up these tiny turkeys for the Thanksgiving holiday! These photoshoots are a team effort. The NICU staff starts planning these months in advance and spends about 10 to 15 minutes with each baby during their photo shoot. Our nurses work to get the babies dressed, posed and photographed.  

Every tutu in these photos is hand made by our NICU nurses. Parents also received a card that features a handprint of the baby. Handprints are more difficult to get from babies than footprints, but our NICU nursing staff still made sure to get a baby handprint for the parents! For this Thanksgiving shoot, HMC's night shift nurses took photos. We are so thankful for our NICU nurses and the service they provide to our community!