George’s impact “not just within the walls”

Hillcrest Medical Center Director of Pastoral Care, Jacob George, impacted a young Ian Davis during one of the most difficult moments in his life; so much so, that Davis remembered George’s influence when it came time for one of his brightest days.


George was there to comfort Davis when the then 21 year old was grieving the death of his baby girl. George helped preside over the funeral. More than 15 years later, Davis, who had since moved to Pennsylvania, was planning to get married in the Tulsa area and wanted George to officiate the wedding. Davis’ mother, who had previously worked with George at a hospice, connected the two through social media. Honored by the request, George gladly accepted and married Davis and his new bride in a June ceremony. Davis’ story reminded George of the impact his work has made on others.


“The fact that he would reach out at this point was very special,” George said. “The roles of a chaplain are not just within the walls. It’s an outreach.”