COVID patient, first-time mother makes recovery at Hillcrest: "I came in and was on death's door"

Already saddled with severe COVID-19 symptoms, an Owasso woman thought the upcoming birth of her first child would be more than her body could take.

“I came in and was on death’s door,” said the patient who requested anonymity.

Experiencing pneumonia and asthma, she required 10 liters of oxygen to help her breathe when she was admitted to Hillcrest Medical Center.

“I was losing hope. I had said my goodbyes to my husband. I felt like I was going to die.”

Two days after arriving, the patient, who had carried her son to term, delivered a healthy baby via caesarean section at Hillcrest Medical Center. After her son’s birth, the new mother began to improve as well and, within a couple of days, she was gradually weaned off her oxygen and was able to walk around on her own strength.

Both mom and the family’s newest addition were discharged just a week after she arrived at the hospital, something the patient did not think was possible just a few days earlier.

“The people at Hillcrest gave me another life,” she said. “I thought I would not see my husband again and would not be with my son. I did not think I was coming home. I was so grateful when I came out of the delivery. I was alive.”

She lauded the efforts of her entire care team at Hillcrest.

“They treated me so well,” she said. “The doctors, the nurses, all of the staff. They continually checked on me, made sure I took my medications and was doing everything I needed to do. The medical team made sure I got the best care.”

She was overcome with praise for the frontline workers, who have dealt with an unprecedented situation for more than a year since the pandemic began.

“Hillcrest is the best,” she said. “I love these people. They’re very, very nice people. These people work so hard. They need to be recognized for what they do. They changed lives. They are very, very important in this society right now. Because of them, somebody lived and is happy.”