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Medical Records

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Is there a charge for copies of my records?

Yes, if you or someone else is picking up the records there is a fee of $1 for the first page and $.50 for each additional page per Oklahoma State Law. If you would like them to go directly to a physician, we can send them to the physician's office at no fee. If you are requesting copies of your x-ray films, these are free for the first request. After that they are $5 per sheet and/or $20 per CD.

What is the average time for you to process my request for records?

We have a 5 business day expected timeframe. There are some instances in which we can process them quicker, just call and ask us, if needed.

When I come to pick up my records, do I need to bring anything with me?

Yes, when picking up records a photo ID has to be provided. The same is required if someone else is picking up records for you (after you have authorized them to do so).

Can my spouse or family member pick up my records for me?

Someone else can pick up your records, AS LONG AS, the Authorization for Health Information form has been completed with that person's name filled in as authorized to pick up the records and your signature is on the form. We will then compare your signature with what we have on file to validate the authorization. Your spouse, mom, etc., will then have to provide a photo ID.

I have a Power of Attorney - can I pick up records?

Yes, of course. We just need to have a copy of the correct POA form on file or you can bring a copy of it with you. Ensure that the medical/billing/records section is filled out on the POA in order for us to let you have copies of the records.

Why do the forms have to be completely filled out?

We have to work under the laws provided to us by the government. There are Federal HIPAA laws as well as State Laws that are very specific on what we can and cannot allow. We do follow those laws to the strictest letter of the law in order to ensure that we protect our patients privacy.

I was born at Hillcrest Medical Center. How do I obtain a copy of my birth certificate?

For those born at Hillcrest Medical Center, birth records are kept at Oklahoma State Department of Health, Vital Records Service.